GIRLCAMP is a 12-week workout and training plan that ends with a physically-demanding, all-in, badass backpacking trip. You'll learn how to train your mind and your muscles to be crazy strong, flexible, lean, agile, and above all, functional long after the plane ride home. We will train:

  • As a team once a week
  • Individually at home with emailed, tailored workouts and stretches
  • Bi-weekly check-ins to correct any muscle imbalances and keep you training harder, faster, and more efficiently without injury

This training has a goal.

Every muscle we train will have a purpose, not only for your day to day life, but for the rocks, mountains, rivers, and anything else we cross out there. You'll learn how to push past what you think you can do and do something that will ultimately bring you home to yourself, regardless of where in the world you are.

The Workout.

This is a 12 week workout plan, tailored to each individual and completed as a team. You will learn:

  • Necessary workout equipment and how to use it. Never pay for a gym membership again. 
  • Flexibility, injury prevention, and balanced strength to keep not only your muscles lean and powerful, but your bones strong. 
  • Cross train options with City Surf, Summit Climbing, and Yoga. 
  • The long game of health, recovery, and strength. Too often we have get-thin-quick plans that encourage short term gains. However, this style of workout and nutrition can be hard on your joints, organs, and muscles long term. This plan will teach you how incredible your body actually is and how to train it with love and courage. Not punishment and envy.

In addition to group training, you will be given home workouts to complete. They're tough. If you have friends with you or would like to complete these workouts with team members, you definitely can! 


The Trip.

This is a 5 day trip covering a significant hike, backpacking (camping), and kayaking day trip. You will learn:

  • The gear and equipment you'll need and how to use it. (Don't worry, there will be the option of renting as well.)
  • Basic wilderness guides and techniques. 
  • How to utilize your workouts to provide a firm foundation for carrying a heavy pack and efficiently hike/paddle. 

This trip is what we'll be working towards. We will fly out, travel, camp, and eat as team. Feel free to invite friends on this 12 week challenge with you! Because of course, you'll make friends, but it's pretty great to start with a few, too.

The trip location is still to be determined. Click the link at the bottom to sign up for a kickoff party/informational soon!

Want to join our first team? 

Which means it's our maiden trip, and it will be heavily discounted. The majority of your tuition goes directly to logistics such as flights, campgrounds, gear (if necessary), and food. You will also be asked to complete bi-weekly surveys about your experience and results. This will be an adventure start to finish, and we'll work together to make up an incredible team. Space is limited, so invite a friend and join me for an informational meeting to learn more. Click the link below to get all the details, including cost, trip dates and locations, plus more about my team and me. Let's get strong and healthy together!